Angelic Host

'May you travel through life on the wings of angels'
- Unknown

My (secular) angels are inspired by the paintings of the Italian renaissance and the fragile, faded quality of frescoes. Their wings represent the ability of humanity to transcend and prevail in the darkest times.


The wings were created using a traditional handmade chalk gesso ground on a wooden support with integrated (gessoed) frame, each measures 25cm x 31cm x 4cm. The drawing of the wing and the words (blessings that are barely visible in some) have been carved/scratched directly into the fragile gesso and natural pigments applied and sealed. Some have been gilded with 23.5ct gold, aluminium or copper foil. 

Angel # 1
Angel # 2
Angel # 3
Angel # 4 (Among Angels)
Angel # 5 (Golden Angel)
Angel # 6
Angel# 7 (Imagine)
Angel # 8 (Navaz)
Angel # 9 (Blue Angel)
Angel #10 (Big Magic)
Angel # 11 (Arc of Doves)
Angel # 12 (Prana 1)
Angel # 5 (Golden Angel) in situ
Angel # 13 (Prana 2)
Angel # 11(Arc of Doves) in situ