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Welcome to Kathleen Taylor Art and Illustration - my online portfolio. I am an artist and illustrator based in London, working mainly in pastel in the landscape.


My strength is in drawing and in 2021, I completed the summer drawing development programme at The Royal Drawing School which has expanded my horizons and creative practice. Drawing for me is about making a connection and developing an understanding of my subject, whatever it may be. It is very important for me to work from life as far as possible, using photographs only as an aid to memory.


I am interested in process and making by hand, from hand made prints to works made from traditional gesso and natural pigments. I have recently discovered a love of landscape, drawing outside in London's parks and open spaces, taking inspiration from the ever-changing environment. This has resulted in my spending a lot of time under trees, sheltering from either the rain or the sun! I joined Blackheath Art Society in 2021 and organise regular en plein air sketching and painting sessions in Greenwich Park with other members.

If you have any enquiries, please message me by email, or check out my instagram account @kathtaylorart.

Many thanks,

Kathleen Taylor

Group Exhibitions

November 2012 - Lee Green Open Studios
November 2019 - SMAG
November 2020 - Lee Green Open Studios (online)
November 2021 - Lee Green Open Studios
November 2021 - SMAG
May 2022 - Blackheath Art Society online Summer exhibition
June 2022 - SMAG Summer exhibition
November 2022 - Lee Green Open Studios
November 2022 - SMAG
December 2022 - Blackheath Art Society at Blackheath Halls
June 2023 - Blackheath Art Society at The Lovely Gallery
September 2023 - Summer Open at The Lovely Gallery as part of Sydenham Arts 
November 2023 -Lee Green Open Studios
December 2023 - Blackheath Art Society at Blackheath Halls

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