Reasons to be Cheerful Triptych

'Reading is important -read between the lines. Don't swallow everything.'

- Gwendolyn Brooks

These are the words in between the toxic language of division as seen and heard in our traditional and social media. I started 'curating' these words in 2019 in response to the nastiness and general fakery being displayed in global politics and online over the past few years- depressing to say the least. The 2020 lockdown made me believe even more how important these 'small things' are.  This triptych was inspired by the hand carved stone memorials of ancient Rome that are seen throughout the city that are very personal and lasting. All are handmade traditional gesso ground on a wooden support within an integrated gessoed frame. Brighter natural pigments were added and sealed with wax. Words are hand drawn and carved into the gesso. Each measures 37cm x 31cm x 4cm including the integrated frames. We all need cheering up!

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